Golfing words and phrases

If you are new to golf, whether as a spectator or a new player, you may find there are few words and phrases that stop you fully appreciating what people are talking about.

Follow the links below to find definitions for the jargon used in playing and commentating on the game of golf:

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The loft of a club, sometimes called 'Loft Angle' is the angle between the club face and the true vertical line gained by holding an iron's shaft perfectly upright or holding a wood so that it's sole is lying flat on the ground.

Loft Angle 5 IronLoft Angle 5 Wood

The purpose of the loft angle is to give the ball more or less lift. The greater the loft angle the higher the ball will fly from the clubface but ultimately it will travel a shorter distance.

Apart from the flat-faced putter, drivers will generally have the least loft resulting in a low trajectory but longer shot. Wedges will have the largest loft angle resulting in a higher trajectory and much shorter shot. There is no industry standard relating loft angle to club size although most will be similar in range.

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